Sheet Laminator
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Sheet Laminator


Our Sheet Laminator machine adheres silicone onto boxes so the non-stick coating doesn’t peel away. This heavy duty machine is built to handle cardboard between 23 pt and 99 pt thick, with a width up to 38 ½ inches. Designed to handle anything from chipboard to corrugated cardboard, the Sheet Laminator imparts that same durability onto our products.
  • Laminates
  • Tough
  • Makes Glue Boxes

This toughness makes a truly solid product, which is why we have it building our Griff Glue Boxes. Because this machine is in-house, we make our Glue Boxes to order, so customers can rest assured that their product hasn’t been spoiled from long-term storage.

Our Glue Boxes mold, store and release hot-melt adhesives thanks to their silicone-coated interior. To learn more about Griff Glue Boxes, visit our page here.

Thickness 23pt - 99pt
Max Width 38 ½ inches



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