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Coating is the application of a thin polymer film onto a substrate to add or enhance certain properties. Griff has multiple coating techniques and has the ability to coat a variety of substrates, from papers to films to non-wovens. Griff coatings are used for release, barrier, toughness, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs), and a variety of surface finishes. The coatings are formulated with the environment in mind and use no solvents reducing our carbon footprint and when incorporated in to your product, further reduces your products' impacts.
  • Up to 64”
  • Gravure
  • UV & 100% Solids
  • Wide range of viscosities & coating temperatures
  • Large range of coating thicknesses – 0.1 mil to 2mil
Typical Coatings
–Blackout (Light Filtering)
–Chemical Resistant
–Corrosion Resistant
–Decorative / Custom Colors
–Print Receptive
–Scratch Resistant
–UV Blocking



  • Release Coatings

  • Customized Release Coatings:
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Tight
  • Coating Capabilities:
    • 1 Side
    • 2 Sides (Differential)
    • 1 Side Release / 1 Side Poly Coated
  • Substrates
    • Paper
    • Film
    • Nonwoven
    • Poly Coated

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