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Converting has been a part of Griff for almost 40 years and Griff continues to expand its converting capabilities with its newest Converting facility added in 2014. It has became a natural fit to help our customers with all of their converting needs through Contract Converting. Whether it is Slitting, Sheeting, Lamination, Extrusion or Coating, Griff has the ability to bring solutions to their customers.

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Griff has the extrusion capability to manufacture polymer film and sheet goods from 2mil - 50mil, polymer-dependent. The maximum width is 40" wide with the ability to extrusion coat, extrusion laminate, and extrude on liner. In-house blending capabilities offers our customers a variety of colors and additives as well as a large inventory of embossed rollers for the ideal surface for any application.


Lamination has become the backbone of modern industry. Whether for aerospace, smartphones, or snack bags, lamination plays a key roll in structural integrity, multifunctional layers, and packaging for many products. Griff specializes in unique solutions that can be found in electronics & clean energy, packaging, signage, tag & label, and publishing, to name a few...


Metallizing or the application of a very thin layer of aluminum onto paper or plastic film offers decorative and functional properties. Griff offers metallizing on a variety of paper and plastic films to enhance your product's shelf appeal with a silver or multicolor mirror finish. Metallizing also offers both moisture barrier and static dissipation properties to further protect your product by using engineered packaging. By utilizing Griffs lamination expertise it is easy to incorporate a metallized film in to many applications.


Coating is the application of a thin polymer film onto a substrate to add or enhance certain properties. Griff has multiple coating techniques and has the ability to coat a variety of substrates, from papers to films to non-wovens... Griff coatings are used for release, barrier, toughness, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs), and a variety of surface finishes. The coatings are formulated with the environment in mind and use no solvents reducing our carbon footprint and when incorporated in to your product, further reduces your products' impacts.

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Converting Services

Converting ServicesGriff Paper and Film offers converting services to make your projects easier with exact sizes.


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Griff recognizes that our growing client base has a definite need for a dependable development collaboration ready with both equipment and expertise capable of providing the appropriate materials and applications for cost effective growth in the most demanding market places today.